Blind Spot is proud to announce the beginning of our first big project – a feature length documentary about a law changing endeavour called the Road To Change; managed and filmed by Blind Spot’s Amanda S Thompson!

The Road To Change was a 10,000 mile one man walk around the EU to raise awareness of and help prevent child sexual abuse. It was undertaken by a survivor of sexual abuse, the former European Ambassador for Stop The Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc., Scottish actor and writer, Top Scot 2014 – 2015, Dr Matthew McVarish.

Whilst on the road managing the project, Amanda filmed and photographed the journey capturing the ups and downs and the highlights and events. The interviews she filmed with McVarish along the way help carry the story about this leg breaking mission and worthy cause. This unique and inspiring documentary will raise more awareness of this silent epidemic that causes enormous havoc in our societies.

The film, directed by Amanda S Thompson, co-produced by Blind Spot Productions, will officially go into post-production early 2017.

Stay tuned for teasers, trailers, photos and blogs…

For more information on the project see – www.roadtochange.eu

Click here to see:
Documentary Facebook Page

20 Second Teaser Video…

Road To Change Promo Video (2013)

Road To Change – The First Mile! (2013)

The Last Mile! (2015)

Some Videos From the Trek! (copy and paste following link):  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDUsCrc0sGkACkdLpMNdssZu3OsjpvE2r

Road To Change Documentary Blog – by Amanda S Thompson (copy and paste following link):  https://wordpress.com/post/blindspotproductionscom.wordpress.com/47

Some New Pics…



TOKEN ENGLISH: Promo Videos!




The Scottish Summer promo is very near finished! Some minor tweaks, a small addition and English subtitles to be added yet… Editing Spanish dialogue was a new challenge!!

Teaser Trailer!

Promo Video!



This short film was shot during Christmas 2015 in Spain, for the Notodo Film Fest June 2016. It’s a thirty second film written and directed by Chus De Castro, edited and co-directed by Amanda S Thompson.

The film will be entered into shorts film festivals internationally before being released online via our broadcast platforms… Stay tuned!


Our first official film festival submission, the Spanish Notodo Film Fest, Spring 2016…


12628629_10153890065927463_2403370755786437519_o (1)

Another day another edit…

18-07-16, First international promotional video shoot!
On my way back to Scotland tomorrow to shoot a promotional video for Caledonia Formacio – a language teaching company based here in Barcelona who are running their Scottish Summer Program in Glasgow this year, with a wee excursion to Stirling and Loch Lomond at the weekend too! It will be nice to be back home for a couple of weeks and to escape the heat..! 

13726697_10154309719862463_2147828755293793004_n.jpgPacking up almost all of the new kit for the flight tomorrow!